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Suspect Bed Bugs? Pest Control Sunbury

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Bed bugs are very interesting creatures. They are brown in colour, small and ovalish. When they begin to inhabit homes, their primary food source becomes human or animal blood. If you actually see the elusive bed bug after feeding, you will notice that its brown colour transforms into a deeper red, as its body enlarges. Pest control experts, VIP Pest Control have reported a mild increases in the number of cases of bed bugs in Sunbury lately, and have shared with us just how bed bugs operate.

Nocturnal in nature, bed bugs conduct most of their activity in the late hours of the night. They tend to save daytime for digestion and sleep. They are evasive creatures, opting to hide in bedding and on mattresses, as this is prime location for them to easily access their ideal food sources during the night. The feeding too is quite brief, lasting only between 5-10 minutes. The whole process is quite incognito, leaving the host with very little idea what is happening. In general, bed bugs are quite harmless, but can cause some irritation. If you notice blood spots across your sheets in the morning, you may have received a visit from these creatures.

If you suspect bed bugs in Sunbury, don’t hesitate to call Pest Control Expert in Sunbury VIP Pest Control for a solution.

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