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A Scary Spider Season in Berwick And Beyond

So far, the spring season in Victoria has seen more sightings and increased concerns about spider activity in residential properties throughout Berwick and nearby areas. Professional pest control companies are being called in to eradicate spider webs and treat problem areas more than in previous years.

Weather plays an integral part in insect behaviour, cycles and growth. When it comes to typical Australian spiders, such as White tail spiders, wolf spiders, Huntsman and Black House Spiders, dramatic weather changes can entice them to seek internal comfort and dry areas to habituate inside properties. The fact that there has been more rain than usual throughout Victoria and Berwick at this time of year, gives rise to more sightings of spiders.

As far a pest control solutions for common spiders in the Berwick area and surrounding suburbs, treatment depends on the type of spider detected. Often each encounter needs to be handled on an individual basis and for Berwick residents this can be frustrating, so prevention and vigilance are highly recommended.

Pest control tips for Spiders in Berwick

  • Keep an eye on window frames, both internally and externally. Shaded corners create perfect spots for web building, so clearing all webs as soon as possible with a broom or stick is advisable. Do this during daylight hours and wear protective gloves to ensure maximum visibility and safety.
  • Sheds, verandas, car ports and garages are popular dwelling areas for common Victorian spiders. Pest control companies in Berwick suggest weekly sweeps of all corners and frames in these places during Spring and Summer to avoid web build up.
  • During the warmer seasons, wearing shoes outside, especially in bushy or overgrown areas is recommended. Many common spiders in Berwick live on ground level and tend to attack exposed feet and legs if they feel under threat.
  • Be sure to securely seal storage items which are left in outdoor areas. Some spiders will enter cracks in boxes as they are dry, dark and warm.

Despite the increased pest sightings in Berwick and surrounding regions, residents and business owners need not be alarmed, rather make a conscious effort to deal with prevention and treatment as a priority.

Discussing your particular pest control needs and current situation with a certified pest control company in Berwick is a great first step, as they will offer expert tips and advice to keep your property safe and damage free.


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