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Pest Control in Berwick

Pest Control & Removal Service in Berwick

Pests are everywhere. Thankfully, VIP Pest Control has a service centre in Berwick. With over 40 years’ experience and qualified and professional technicians, our company will guide you through your pest-related issues. Fear no more because our products are safe, reliable, environmentally-friendly and highly effective.

Many people wonder why pests infiltrate the home or business. When pests move, they are either trying to enter an environment with different climatic conditions, scavenge a place for food or seek refuge somewhere that is free from threats. Consider these important factors that influence pest movements and take note of the following changes that should be made to your home.

Keep Food Covered

Exposed food will attract pests. Make sure that any food in the pantry is sealed in a container. If you have opened a packet of food, and have not consumed it completely, use rubber bands or other fastening devices to prevent the packet opening when you are not around. Also, make sure that all cupboards are closed and that the seals on your fridge work.

Throw Rubbish in Bags

Throwing food waste into a bag and then tying it up before placing it into the garbage bin will help prevent odours escaping into the environment. These odours attract pests and they will search around your bin for food that is accessible. Once one pest finds an opening and retrieves some food, many other pests will follow. So, make sure the lid on your garage bins outside are closed securely.

Maintain a Clean Environment

Most properties in Berwick have a garden. Ensure that you maintain your garden and trim any over-growing plants. This will prevent pests hiding in the shrubs. It will also allow you to monitor any pest movements in your garden so that you can take preventive action immediately.

Should you still encounter pest-related issues after making the changes above, Call us today on 1800 198 041 for the best Pest Control in Berwick.

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