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Looking for Pest Control Service in Bendigo?

Pest Control Service in Bendigo

If you have engaged a pest control company recently and found that they did not do a good job, then you should have called VIP Pest Control. With a centre in Bendigo that has been serving the community for the past 40 years, we know pests inside out.

Our technicians have decades of experience, and know how to find pests and provide continuous treatment to your home or business. We have dealt with many pests and have successfully helped the community rid their property of pests from fleas through to rats.

As pest control treatment has evolved in recent years, our trained staffs offer the very best in eco-friendly treatment solutions. We know that Bendigo residents and business owners care about the health, safety and well-being of their family members, pets, plant life and anyone with allergies or sensitivities, which is why we ensure that our treatments are non-harmful to loved ones.

Here are a few reasons why you should engage our Pest Control Service in Bendigo:

Value Loyalty

Our blue-ribbon service ensures that your details are kept on file. All visits are documented so that we can track progress and identify trends from our inspections. This allows you to forget about the pests and leave the issue in our capable hands.

Rapid Service

We understand that not everyone likes pests as much as we do. We become so friendly with the pests that we convince them to go away on holiday! Should you require urgent attention, we will take some details over the phone and endeavour to have a technician by your side as soon as possible.

Professional Quality

Our treatment methods work. We strive to continuously improve our techniques and selection of treatment products. Our staff undergo periodic training and strive to exceed industry standards and improve satisfaction amongst the entire customer base.

For any pest-related matter, no matter how big or small, call VIP Pest Control today for a no obligation discussion on 03 5427 3093.

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