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How Often Should Pest Control Be Done in Melbourne?

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The frequency of pest control treatment in Melbourne depends on your property and its environment, your needs and budget and the requirements of those that live or work in the property. It is important that you do not limit your consideration to simply cost and time factors as this will prevent you from achieving superior results for your property.

Having undergone industry certification and regular health and safety training for treatment application, our team strive to be at the forefront of pest control advancements in Victoria and at a national level. We take time to understand the needs of our clients and the nature of their property so that we can provide a reliable and targeted response that minimises the frequency of our visits.

If the pest can be controlled, then a couple of pest control treatments might be required. However, should the pest be coming from an external source, such as from a neighbouring property, then routine treatment is required. Most often, our treatment methods will eradicate the source. However, you must ensure that your property is not exposed to more pests.

Sometimes it is not possible for a single pest control treatment to be effective. Pests are crafty and their breeding space might be in a void or recess that is hard to access. Of course, our treatment products are capable of dispersing across large areas. However, sometimes we might have to conduct further investigation so that we can target the source directly.

We conduct routine pest control treatments for our clients and also one-off treatments for termite assessments, pre-purchase / pre-lease inspections, renovation inspections, assessments for builders, contractors and consultants, and much more. These options allow the client to choose a tailored package.

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